Easy, Fast & Well Priced

Rarely has the phrase “convenience is king” been more apt than in the booming diving market. Do you want to go for a dive and got your gear ready, but you don’t want to drive too far to pick up some cylinders & weights? This is the service you have been waiting for!

Grab your cylinders & weights from any of our Dive Division locations! There are so many beautiful dive sites to discover on Curacao. Explore them without the hassle of going back to one point to get your gear.

Get your dive cylinders on the move at all hours of the day on many different locations. Easy, fast & well priced!

Are you certified but didn’t bring any gear. We can deliver gear on demand as well.

Important notice:The cylinders have a YOKE connection (International), so when diving with DIN, bring your adapters.

More information about our Grab & Go locations will come soon.