Dive Division Support is a service center based at Blue Bay Resort, Curacao. We specialize in servicing scuba equipment, including brands such as Tusa, Aqualung and SEAC. We do all the general servicing for your dive gear, such as regulators, BCD’s and dive gauges. We also change batteries for Suunto dive computers, do visual inspections and hydrostatic testing for scuba cylinders.

Get your cylinders filled here!

Get your cylinder at the biggest filling station here on Curacao.

Air or EANx32 (Nitrox)

With our Bauer compressor and our big bank, we have enough capacity to fill your cylinders. You can choose to get a regular Air fill or a Nitrox fill with EANx32 on the spot.

Important Notice: Make sure your cylinder is within hydrostatic test date in order for us to fill it. For an air fill, you can be asked to show your dive certification. If you want a Nitrox fill, you will be asked to show your Nitrox certification card.

Equipment servicing

Is your equipment due for servicing or do you have a problem, we can help you! We can service your regulator and BCD. A service will involve the regulators being completely disassembled, cleaned with a thorough inspection of all parts, and reassembled. Anything extra such as replacement hoses or parts will be discussed and quoted.

Important Notice: Most manufacturers recommend you service your regulator or BCD annually. You may be asked to show your last service report.

Visual inspection of scuba cylinders

How long is it been since you had your tank inspected? A visual inspection is an ‘annual’ check of the exterior and the internal conditions of the cylinder and the valve. This is not a mandatory inspection, but highly recommended especially in the warm climate of Curacao. For aluminium, we also do an eddy current crack detection test.

Important Notice: The cylinder needs to be within the hydrostatic test date to be visually inspected.

How long does it take to service my equipment?

EquipmentTime frame
Regulators 4-10 days
BCDs4-10 days
Computers*1-2 days

(*Can be completed on site)