Curacao Travel Information,  together with Aruba and Bonaire, also called the ABC islands and part of the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao is located in the Southern Caribbean. Curaçao is a good example of a multicultural society. Many cultures live together like the African’s, Latin Americans, Northern Americans, Indians, and Europeans. This also reflects the kitchen, with cuisines from around the world. 

Bright beer bucket happy hour

Go to a Happy Hour

The best way to get that Caribbean party feeling is to visit the Happy Hours on our beautiful beaches. I bet you can find one every day of the week 😉

Plasa bieu, local food

Eat lunch at Plaza Bieu

If you want to try typical local or South American food, The Old Market is where you need to be! The recently (2019) renewed market gives you the most tasteful dishes.

beaches, grote knip

Go beach hopping

From pearl white, pebble or black sand beaches, you find it all on the South side of the island. With crystal clear waters Curacao is perfect for spending your days at the beach.

Christoffel Mountain

Climb Mount Cristoffel

With its top at 372meters / 1220feet, the ‘Christoffelberg’ is a real eyecatcher! After an easy but adventures climb / hike and astonishing view is waiting for you.

boat trip, west coast, blue C

Sail along the coast

Enjoy a relaxed day on the clear blue waters of Curacao. Step on a beautiful catamaran and watch the amazing coastline while enjoying a drink and the wind through your hair.

willemstad, bridge, houses

Cross the floating bridge

In the center of Curacao you can cross the ONLY floating wooden turning bridge in the world! With 16 pontoons the Emmabrug is 168meters long, connecting Punda with Otrobanda.

snorkel, underwater world, sea

Explore the underwater world

With crystal clear, warm water, Curacao is perfect for all your diving adventures! Want to learn how to dive or dive with turtles? Curacao gives you the perfect opportunity.

atv and buggy tour

Explore the rough side of the island on a ATV

Do you love adventure and want to explore the rough side of Curacao? Book an ATV tour and let us take you to a totally different side of Curacao. Definitely a must do!

Zoutpannen flamingo

Spot the flamingo's

It doesn’t matter if you like pink or not, you got to love Flamingo’s! With several old salt winning areas on the island, Curacao is a perfect feeding ground for these gracious birds.

Triki pan, food, during night

Get a late night snack

You can’t visit Curacao without trying its famous ‘Trucki pan’. Perfect after a night out or just as a unhealthy snack. You can find these “rolling restaurants” everywhere on the side of the roads.

Blue Curacao, liqueur, drink

Taste Blue Curacao liquor

Guess what?! The Liqueur really is FROM Curacao! Care to try this typical Curacao liqueur? There are several tastings on the island where you can try different variations.


Visit a Landhouse

All over Curacao you can find colorful landhouses which you can visit. These former plantation houses are full of history and tell you the old stories about the agriculture back in the days.

Curacao Video's

Frequently asked questions about Curacao

In Curacao the general used currency is the Guilder (ANG) but widely accepted is also the US dollar, the exchange rate is fixed.

In Curacao the best way of transporting yourself is by car. You can easily rent a car at one of the many car rentals. There is the possibility to rent a bike or a scooter, be aware of the surroundings when you rent a 2 wheeler. The public transportation is not optimized but could bring you all around the island, jut take time into consideration when choosing for this option, long waits are common. 

Since Curacao is located below the hurricane belt we have a 365 day travel window. The temperatures are very stable and there is a comfortable breeze. During the dutch national holidays Curacao’s sees it peak months. The busiest season on Curacao is; end of December till end of January. 

The native language on Curacao is Papiamentu, this is a mix of Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and English. Since Curacao is a island with a lot of visitors most people speak multiple languages, some up to 5 different ones.  Most people speak; Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Curacao is located in the Southern Caribbean and locates between Aruba and Bonaire, together we for the ABC Islands. 

Yes, it is safe to drink. Buy your reusable bottle at one of the dive shops to avoid using single use plastic, most resorts offer refilling stations.

No, from most countries you don’t need a VISA. You do need to fill out the Digital embarkation card, using the following link you could do so: Click here to fill out your DEC

Sometimes you would need and adapter, most hotels do offer both; 110V American outlets and 220V European sockets. It might be different at the resort or hotel that you are staying, make sure to inform before traveling to the island. If you forgot you adapter visit one of our retail locations and we could supply you with one. 

Most resorts and restaurants do not have gratuity or service charge included. The common tip given at a restaurant is 15%, while for services or trips it is between 10 and 15%. 

Most locations on Curacao offer free wireless internet hotspots. The internet is generally reliable and has a fast to moderate speed. 

Most cellphone providers offer roaming on Curacao. There are 2 mobile network providers on Curacao: UTS and Digicell. If you are traveling from the Caribbean and you have a plan with eighter of these providers, roaming is free.