A dive computer provides all the information that you need to know for a safe and longer enjoyable dive. How to choose a dive computer that perfectly fits to your needs, can at times be hard. Because of this you have to start to ask yourself: ‘What kind of diver am I?’ And also ask yourself: ‘What kind of dives have my interest for the future?’ What kind of diver are you? ‘How can I possibly know which dive computer is best for me?’

‘What kind of diver am I?’

Before you want to buy a dive computer find out what kind of diver you are. Are you a newly certified diver, a Recreational diver, a Professional diver, a TEC diver, or a Freediver? For example, a Suunto Zoop Novo is a suitable dive computer for a Recreational diver. It has all the basic options that Recreational divers need. For someone who is a TEC diver, the Suunto Zoop Novo does not have all the options that a TEC diver will need. Find out what type of diver you are and for what kind of dives you will need to use your dive computer for.

How do you see your Future of Diving?

We cannot predict the future, but is important to know where your interest lies whithin diving. This is important so you can decide which dive computer will fit your needs in the future as well. Let us say for example, you are a Recreational diver and aspire to become a Divemaster or do certain Dive Specialty courses and become a more regular diver.

This means that in the future you will dive more often and you probably will need to wear your dive computer every day, the whole day, like wearing a regular watch. For this you would need a wrist model dive computer like the Suunto D4i Novo, Suunto D6i Novo or the Suunto D5. Depending on your diving level certification, experience and the needed options which the dive computer provides, you can decide which dive computer fits your needs best.

Identify your Budget

You may find a dive computer expensive. But take into consideration that a dive computer is there for your safety. Not to forget that a dive computer will make your diving experiences more relaxed and enjoyable. If every time you go diving you rent a dive computer, it can get expensive. You can buy a dive computer starting from $ 300. For approximately $ 300 you will have a basic dive computer that will be enough for a starting Recreational diver. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend and which options you need on your dive computer. Usually, the more expensive a dive computer is, the more options it offers.

Wrist or Console

This is a personal choice. It depends on which you prefer. The console model is attached to your gauge of your regulator set. Most of the time they have a bigger screen than a wrist dive computer. If it has integrated air as an option, then you would need a transmitter or tank pod for your pressure to be visible on the screen. So when you look at your console you have everything on one big screen easy to read.

Having a console dive computer, will help for you not to forget to take your dive computer into the water. Diving without your regulator is another kind of sport. Some of the wrist computers such as the Suunto Zoop Novo and the Suunto Vyper Novo also offer a bigger screen. They are like a wrist watch-style dive computer. The Suunto Vyper Novo and most of the other Suunto models of wrist model dive computers you can expand with a wireless transmitter or tank pod.

‘There is nothing easier and more comfortable than a wrist model dive computer like the D4i Novo, the silicon is super soft! And having it always on my wrist I cannot forget it when I go diving.’

Standard Features
All dive computers are equipped with the following options:
– Safety stop
– No decompression limits
– Depth
– Time
– Ascent rate
– Emergency decompression
– Previous dive information
– Low battery warning
– Enriched air compatible
Next to these standard options, you have extra options as well, depending on the model of the Suunto dive computer. You can personalize your dive computer using different options.

Batteries & Straps

‘With the color screen, personalizing options, sealed compartment
and the colorful straps, the Suunto D5 is just the
best dive computer I have ever had!’

All dive computers have a battery, wich in time will ‘get empty’.
When a battery change is necessary you can visit the Dive Division Retail Store, at Mambo Beach Boulevard unit # 1, where the certified staff will change the battery of your dive computer for you, clean it and off course, do the pressure test as well. Also know that the newest dive computer, the Sunnto D5, has a sealed compartment with a rechargeable battery. How cool is that? With the Suunto D5 you will never need to worry when you are on vacation, that your dive computer will need a battery change.

Nitrox/ multiple gasses

While virtually all modern dive computers are capable of programming nitrox, the more advanced dive computers can program multiple nitrox mixes that can be switched at depth. Others, like the Suunto Eon Steel are capable of programming trimix, plus are CCR (closed-circuit rebreather) and Sidemount system compatible.

‘You can personalize the functions and settings and make it your own!’


The air pressure indicator will let you know how much air (or gas) you have in your tank at any point during the dive. Normally it is attached to your regulator its first stage. But with certain models of dive computes
you can expand the computer with a wireless transmitter, read everything from your wrist, like time, depth, and your air consumption.


There are three types or compasses:

  • Attached on your console: Analog
  • Wrist model compass: Analog
  • Integrated into your dive computer: Digital. (Not all dive computers have this option).

Just drop by the Dive Division Retail Store, located at Mambo Boulevard, unit # 1. The skillful staff will guide you to choose the option that fits your needs best.