Quiksilver Curacao, the store for all your surf and beachwear needs

‘Quiksilver Curacao is the best store in Curacao to buy your surf products but also casual clothing and beachwear. They have board covers, leashes, sandals, hats, rashguards, towels, beach- and swimwear for the entire family and much more’.


Quiksilver has a wide assortment. You can buy casual clothes, swim- and beachwear, sandals, shoes, bags and hats as well.
For the surfers amongst us, Quiksilver Curacao also offers surfboards and other accessories you need for your board.
Quiksilver Curacao also offers the option for you to order a surfboard! How cool is that?
We went to Quiksilver Curacao to check out the swim- and beachwear.

Their kind staff gave us a lot of information about the swim shorts they have and the rashguards.
With all the sun on the island we must protect our skin.
We will share this information with you in this blog.

Swim shorts

Quiksilver board shorts on Curacao

Quiksilver Curacao offers a broad line of comfortable, functional and good-looking swim shorts.

Because the brand Quiksilver is made for the watersport professionals, they think about a lot of issues that other brands did not think off. For example, the shorts from Quiksilver have a Diamond Deluxe and a Dryflight finish. Diamond Deluxe means that you will not get a rash from the wet shorts. Dryflight means that the shorts have a hydrophobic treatment for mobility in the water, and a quicker dry once back on land. Nice to know; since Spring 2020, launched January, 100% of the boardshorts are made with recycled fibers.

They have 3 models of shorts:

  • Volley shorts
  • Board shorts
  • Amphibian shorts

Volley shorts

The volley shorts are the shorts that most of you probably know. These are the shorts with the elastic waistband that adjust to each body type. They have a cord closure to tighten the shorts. The volley shorts are available in different colors and prints. The length of these shorts varies from the knee to the middle of the thigh.

Board shorts

The board shorts its fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable because of the ventilation system they have. Together with the strategic placement of mesh panels on the clothes these shorts are very comfortable and offer easy mobility. Most of the time these shorts are a bit longer than the volley shorts. The most common length is until the knee, but sometimes they have a shorter version that will reach to the middle of the thigh. The boardshorts have a waistband with a velcro fastener together with a cord. These shorts are available in different colors and prints.

Amphibian shorts

The Amphibian shorts look almost like normal shorts but are made of a very lightweight fabric. They have almost the same functions as the board shorts, but these shorts have the 4-Way stretch fabric for a high level of mobility. These shorts have belt loops for when you want to wear them during a normal day, and they come with a normal button with zipper closure. They are available in different colors. The length of these shorts reaches until the knee.


Why do we need Rashguards?

When you are in the water for a long period of time you will not feel the sun burning on your skin, because the cooling effect of the water makes you less aware of the sun.
When you go snorkeling, swimming or just relax on the beach it is better to protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun. You do not want to get sun burned.

UV-radiation goes through water and regular shirts. Water increases the intensity of UV radiation with 10%. With a rashguard you do not need to worry about exposure to the sun or elements. Rashguards have a UPF-protection 50+. That means that the garment only allows 1/50th (2%) of the sun its harmful UV radiation to pass through the garment. UPF 50 block approximately 98% of the sun its radiation before it reaches your skin.

The rashguards are chlorine resistant and have a moisture-wicking. That means when moisture gets absorbed into a fabric its yarn, it is trapped there instead of moving through the fabric. Your skin stays dry and helps eliminate skin-on-skin friction.

‘We recommend a rashguard above sun protective lotions because the rashguard is ocean friendly.
Sun protective lotions, even the waterproof lotions, will slowly rinse off your body because of the water and you must keep buying new ones.


But once you have your own rashguard, no need to worry about buying sun protective lotions anymore’.

Quiksilver Curacao offers a big assortment of rashguards. They are available for men, women and children.
There are two different models: slim-fit and loose-fit. And, in these fits they have different models.
We will tell you the difference about the slim – and the loose fit. For the different models you have to check them out yourself!
They are very cool and can be matched with shorts and swimsuits or bikinis. 

Slim fit

The slim fit rashguard you can recognize by the stitching from the neck directly to the arm hole.
Most of these are higher around the throat and neck, there are a few that have a normal lower round neck as well. The rashguards come in short sleeves and long sleeves. The short sleeve design provides more freedom of movement, while the long sleeve design provides additional support and protection.
For the women, the shirts also come in bodysuits with long sleeves. Some of them come with a zipper closure.

Loose fit

The loose fit has the arm sleeves separate stitched from the body, like a normal shirt. This fit is more comfortable, and you can move more freely.

Sometimes women and larger sized people like this fit better because of modesty and prefer a rashguard that does not hug the body.
Tip: If there is only the slim fit model available, you can also try a size up of the slim fit model, which will also have a nice fit.

‘We hope to have informed you successfully and that it will make it easier for you to pick out new swimwear and beach outfits.

Go check it out yourself and go to Quiksilver Curacao stores located at Zuikertuin Mall or at the Coral Estate. You can also visit one of their ‘corners’ at Blue Bay Beach at the dive center on the beach, Blue Bay Dive or at Mambo Beach Boulevard at their dive and retail store BLVD Divers’. Or check the website or facebook.