why we should all go freedive

Explore the beautiful underwater world in only one breath!

Free yourself from all the heavy scuba gear! Without making noisy bubbles like scuba divers do, the fish and other underwater creatures tend to come closer to you. Freediving is a more natural way to explore the reefs.  The more you freedive, the better you get at it and you will see that freediving is good for your body and mind.

Freediving good for body and mind

There are many reasons why freediving is good for your body and mind.

Studies have shown that swimming is the best exercise for your body because you use all your muscles and you have the least chance of injuries. How cool is that to get in shape while enjoying the special underwater life? You will also clear your head during your workout. It is just like yoga, it will reduce your stress level from work, a busy personal life, or other worries.

Freedive swimming down
Freedive swim to the surface

A freedive course can even help you with other water sports for example: surfing and scuba diving. Freediving learns you to stay calm and not to panic. It can boost your self-confidence because of a fun challenge.
So, you see, everybody regardless of shape, size, or fitness levels can go freediving. The only reason you would not be able to freedive is if you have a serious ear condition, or you are not able to swim yet.

                            The ocean is calling. So, start your new adventures today!

Let's get started.

Doing the PADI Basic Freedive introduction or the PADI Freediver course is only just a step away. What is a better place to get your certificate than on Curacao! PADI 5 Star Dive & Freedive Center Coral Divers is located just a step away from two beautiful house reefs. Reef “St. Marie” and “Coral habitat”. These reefs have distilled calm waters and the protected bay makes it perfect for freediving.

Start with the Knowledge Development Part. This can be completed anywhere at your own pace through the online E-learning platform.

Learn more about:
* Depth and pressure
* Equalization
* Rescue skills
* Risk awareness
* Underwater environment

Freeding buoy on surface

When you have completed the theory, you will experience freediving during the practical sessions. The practical sessions start with learning breathing techniques and relaxing your muscles to push your body to the limit.
A mindset away from your comfort zones, you will learn to control the feeling you get when you need to take a breath. This you will do with a buddy for safety of course. Safety always comes first!  

 The goal for PADI Basic Freediver is to be able to hold your breath during a Static Apnea for 90 seconds and reach least 25 meters horizontal with Dynamic Apnea.
If you want to learn more, you can do the PADI Freedive course, which is comparable with the PADI Basic. When you complete the PADI Freedive course, you will add the discipline of depth and you will dive to a minimum of 10 meters / 32 feet.
An important part of the PADI Freediver certification is that this will allow you to freedive at any destination in the world.

The beauty of freediving

You will be surprised that it does not take long for you to be able to hold your breath for 2 minutes, whilst gliding silently around the reefs.

Freediving is good for the body and mind. It is also good for your own development, but the most essential thing is that it is a lot of fun!


Whether you like static apnea or you like going deeper to improve yourself, it is also great to share it all with your buddy. Whether you set a personal record or explore the beautiful underwater life, in the most natural way.
A different option to also make it fun is to take your camera with you or go lionfish hunting.

Convinced that you should start freediving? Enquire now for the Freedive introduction or the PADI Freedive Course at Coral Divers. Interested in getting you own freedive equipment, check out the webshop